Just like peanut butter and jelly, managed IT services and business growth is the perfect combination your company has been craving. Why? Because managed IT services offer your company everything you need to focus on growing and developing.

By taking the tedious, time-consuming, and sometimes overwhelming responsibilities of IT off your plate and putting them in the hands of responsive, knowledgeable professionals, you’ll not only have more time to focus on your day-to-day role and duties but also the resources to immediately respond to problems or challenges and the tools and technology to keep up with the larger, more complex competitors around you.

What is Managed IT Services?

For small- to medium-sized businesses, the demands, duties, and responsibilities of every individual are immense — and somehow always seem to keep growing! If you are trying to run your own business, manage employees, and continue to grow and expand, you probably don’t have the time to also handle IT support, field tech questions, and constantly upgrade your systems. That’s where managed IT comes in.

Managed IT services are exactly what they sound like — hiring an outside company to handle all your IT needs. Your managed services provider will be responsible for making sure your operations are running smoothly, developing IT strategies and disaster recovery plans, responding to outages, interruptions, or challenges that arise, keeping your systems and technology up-to-date, and much more.

Also, based on your own team’s comfort and familiarity with IT and general workload pressures, you may be able to implement a hybrid IT plan that gives you the freedom to choose which parts of your IT needs you’d like to be outsourced to a specialized, experienced IT firm like Net3 IT.

Whether you fully outsource every aspect of your company’s IT or just choose certain parts for your provider to oversee and implement, managed IT services are the perfect way to keep your business as competitive as it can be without putting added stress on your shoulders.

Save Time & Money Through Managed IT Services

First, outsourcing your IT to a trusted local firm is the best way to ensure that your company continues to meet its goals as efficiently as possible. While you focus on growing your business, your IT provider is in the background consistently upgrading your software, checking for vulnerabilities, preparing for outages or incidents, responding to challenges that arise, and troubleshooting problems.

Instead of spending your valuable time — or that of your employees — on researching, troubleshooting, experimenting, and buying new products or resources to try solving your company’s IT dilemmas, you’ll have experts to give you the right answer quickly and implement it for you while you continue working.

By meeting your IT needs correctly the first time, upgrading your companies efficiency, and letting you focus on your business development, managed IT services save you both time and money. And for any growing business, that’s a must-have!

Responsive, Expert IT Professionals at Your Fingertips

In addition to saving you time and money and keeping your employees focused on their own in-house projects, using managed IT services for your company means having immediate access to IT professionals when a situation arises.

Think about it this way, if your servers go down and you can’t access your company files, what do you do? Without a trained in-house team or managed services provider, you may spend hours trying to research and troubleshoot before solving the problem. However, with managed IT services, your provider will be able to quickly diagnose and solve the problem for you, minimizing your downtime while saving your files and equipment. And as every business owner knows, no downtime is good downtime for your company.

Outshine Your Competitors with Access to the Latest IT Tools & Tech

Finally, one of the largest benefits of using managed IT services is that you’ll be able to constantly have the latest technology, resources, and knowledge available to you through your provider.

You know that staying competitive is the most important way for your business to continue to grow and succeed. And with the importance we place on technology these days, keeping up with IT is the best way to stay competitive.

Bandwidth is one of the largest differences between your small or medium company and the large, complex business rivals you face. They have expert in-house IT teams ready to solve their technology needs at the drop of a hat. This means that they have less downtime and keep their focus on their business growth goals.

Well, like we just said above, you can have that too with managed IT services! But you actually get so much more than that. At companies like Net3 IT, we are filled with dedicated, knowledgeable individuals that live, sleep, and breathe information technology. If there is a new trend or tool in the industry, we learn about it. If a new service or piece of technology comes out, we have it. And when you hire us as your IT provider, you have access to everything we do — including our vast industry knowledge!

As you can see, managed IT services are the key to continued business growth in the technology-driven landscape of today. Managed IT services save your company time and money, give you immediate access to IT experts, and allow you to remain competitive by having access to the latest IT tools and technology.

Is your company still craving this heavenly combination? Contact us now for an IT assessment! We’ll be able to quickly tell you exactly how we can help your business continue to grow, expand, and excel through IT strategy and support.