Business Phone Service

Implement a phone solution that can change your communications for the better with our business phone service.

Our Net3 branded business communication solution is designed to enhance your business operations.

VoIP Installation Services by Net3 IT

Net3 IT’s branded phone service uses VoIP to make your communications more flexible and scalable. In addition, our solution includes all of the productivity-enhancing features you get from unified communications, including cost savings, better collaboration, and improved efficiency.

We are able to do IP phone installation in a few different ways, including:

  • Cloud Systems

    This is your typical VoIP phone where everything you need is hosted in the cloud.

  • Desk Phone

    We can set up physical desk phones that use the internet, providing all the same features you get from our VoIP phone system.

  • SIP Trunk

    This is the virtual version of a standard phone line. With SIP Trunk, we can connect one, two, or even 20 channels to your system.

The Benefits of Business Phone Service

  • Better Management: Net3’s solution allows you to route calls between multiple locations and manage your phone system anywhere via the web. The service provides HD audio, music on hold, and the option to keep your existing phone numbers.
  • Voice Quality: Voice quality offered by internet telephones matches or even exceeds the capabilities of landlines. As long as you have a solid internet connection, the sound quality of your call will be strong.
  • Accessibility: Unlike traditional phones that are tied to one place, VoIP services can be accessed from the computer, on an internet connected phone, or through an app on your mobile device. This means that you have access to your office phone from virtually anywhere.
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A Phone Solution That Just Works

Get all of the best productivity and collaboration features with our unified communication solution.

As your partner, our goal at Net3 IT is to put your business in the best position possible for success. One of the many ways Net3 can help accelerate your business is by enhancing your communications. 

What Is Unified Communications?

How do the people in your company, the partners you work with, and the customers you deliver products or services to communicate? In addition to phone calls, this could include video conferencing, instant messaging, faxing, and much more. There are many ways for your employees to interact with others. However, the more ways there are to communicate, the more difficult it is to manage all those individual services.   

The term unified communications refers to a phone system that integrates all the communication tools you use for your business into a single, manageable platform. This is one way to simplify enterprise-wide connections and communication. With unified communications and collaboration tools, your employees can communicate more effectively.

While Net3 is not a business phone provider, we do offer a unique business phone solution that utilizes voice over internet protocol (VoIP) and provides all the benefits of unified communications.

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