Network Infrastructure Assessment

We ensure your business is ready for virtualization with our network infrastructure assessment.

From cutting costs to reducing server complexity, virtualizing your server offers many benefits. If you’re ready to optimize the way you use network resources, let Net3 IT help with our infrastructure analysis.

The Importance of a Network Infrastructure Assessment

Converting your physical server environment into a virtual environment isn’t as simple as knowing the number of physical servers or applications you have in your data center. It’s necessary to know computing capacity, the resources required for each application, and the interdependencies of your infrastructure. Having this information makes the process smoother and improves the likelihood of implementation success.

At Net3 IT, we make the process of virtualization easy. Before helping you switch to a virtual environment, we perform an information technology audit on your infrastructure. Through this assessment, our experts gain valuable information that allows us to determine how virtualization can benefit your company and if your infrastructure is ready for the transition. After the infrastructure evaluation, we present the data to you in an easy to understand executive report.

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Know how virtualization can help your business and the best angle to approach it.

Why Have Net3 IT Perform an Analysis?

You should always look at your IT objectively—it’s the best way to assess your IT needs. An independent company, like Net3, is able to provide an unbiased perspective on how virtualization can benefit your operations and what’s the best approach to achieving that goal.   Additionally, after the assessment, our team can help turn your physical servers into a virtual cluster or migrate your operations to an existing subscription-based virtual environment.

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Optimize Your Infrastructure

By turning your physical servers into a virtual cluster, you can reduce costs while optimizing the way resources are used.

Benefits of an Assessment

A thorough review, by Net3, of the current state of your existing servers provides clarity into the capabilities of your technology infrastructure. It also helps you understand the performance requirements of your applications. Not only does an assessment allow you to create an easy to follow roadmap for implementation, but it also:

  • Provides Cost Cutting Details

    An assessment can explain how going virtual can save you money on hardware, software, power usage, and cooling.

  • Minimizes Risks

    Implementing the wrong technology can sabotage the advantages you would normally receive from virtualization. An assessment can inform you on what technology is needed and where.

  • Offers Support

    Some applications may not be compatible with a virtual server. Through an audit, you can identify what applications may be affected by the transition.


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