Cloud Managed Services

Whether you want a public, private, or hybrid cloud platform, we do it all with our cloud managed services.

Flexibility and scalability are the future of business, and the cloud is the key to achieving both. Make your company more dynamic with a cloud solution. When you choose Net3 IT as your managed cloud provider, we can help you maximize the potential of your infrastructure by finding the right cloud services that fit the needs of your business.

What Are Cloud Managed Services?

As the name suggests, cloud management is a service where Net3 takes care of the management of your cloud platform. This includes overseeing migration, maintenance, and optimization. Many businesses choose this solution to ease infrastructure complexities and to provide a clear vision of how resources should be handled.

Working alongside your team, our professionals determine the best cloud resources for your IT infrastructure. We then create a custom plan, detailing the steps to build and run an optimized cloud environment.

Some services associated with cloud management include:

  • Cloud Data Management
  • Implementation
  • Virtualization

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Cloud Migration Strategy

Cloud migration is a process where an organization’s data, resources, and services are transferred to a cloud platform. The process can be done all at once or over an extended period of time. While it’s possible to migrate your infrastructure on your own, most businesses choose to use cloud migration services to mitigate the risks associated with the process.

There are three types of cloud platforms: public, private, and hybrid. Each solution has its own advantages. Before helping you migrate, Net3 assesses your infrastructure and business goals to determine which cloud environment works best for your business needs.

  • Public Cloud

    A public cloud is where users have access to a collection of virtual resources located on a server that is automatically provisioned and allocated among multiple clients.

  • Private Cloud

    A private cloud platform provides many of the benefits of a public cloud but differs in that it’s dedicated to the needs and goals of your organization only. This type of cloud is completely isolated from users outside of the organization it was built for.

  • Hybrid Cloud

    A hybrid cloud combines the best aspect of both cloud services, granting you the freedom to shift workloads between public and private networks.

Office 365 License Management

Companies around the world rely on Microsoft Office, with many choosing to migrate to Office 365. Also known as O365, this is a cloud service that provides the entire Microsoft Office suite at a cost-effective subscription price. Office 365 gives you access to the collaboration and productivity tools you need in today’s business world while also providing benefits like updates and flexibility.

If you’re interested in Office 365, Net3 IT can help you efficiently allocate your resources with license management. This is where we can specify what Office 365 features are available to certain users. For example, if your sales team only needs access to Exchange, we can enable that feature for them to access.

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