Network Assessment

Understand the current state of your network and discover opportunities to improve it.

Your network is a crucial part of your business that enables your operations. As such, it needs to run optimally to maximize the efficiency of your workforce. Let Net3 help with a proactive network assessment.

What is a Network Assessment?

As your organization grows, so does your network. Over time, keeping track of the various entities that make up your network can become a burden to manage, making it easy to miss problems that affect productivity. Make sure your network is optimized with a proactive network assessment.

The term network assessment refers to a thorough analysis of the various aspects of your network. This includes a look into the management, security, processes, and performance of your environment. It’s a detailed report that offers a comprehensive view of the current state of your network. Additionally, this report provides information on where your network is lacking and how it can be improved.  

As your partner, Net3 IT wants to put your business in the best position possible for success. Our team evaluates your infrastructure using an unbiased approach, compiling all the necessary information to make an accurate appraisal. Once the review is done, we present a simplified report that outlines where your existing network currently stands and recommendations on what you can do to make it better.

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There are many issues that a network assessment can help identify, but it can also provide insight into a few core areas.

What Does a Network Assessment Help Identify?

For any business that’s interested in enhancing their security posture, improving their agility, and gaining better business results, assessing your network is a must. An assessment provides invaluable information that can be used to create a clear road map for improvement. While this process can be used for a variety of purposes, there are a few key metrics an analysis can reveal. Here are a few important pieces of data you can expect to get out of a Net3 network assessment.

  • Underused or Overused Resources

    Your business only has so many resources to allocate and some departments in your organization may require more network resources than others. A network assessment will help identify real needs and assign resources accordingly.

  • Security Gaps

    Cyber security is a main concern for any business because an attack or data breach could be disastrous. A cyber security risk assessment can find vulnerabilities in your system that you may have missed.

  • Bottlenecks

    When network performance dips, it may be an indicator that you’re experiencing a bottleneck. Bottlenecks are caused by actions that require a lot of bandwidth, like streaming videos or downloading a large file. Adding more bandwidth isn’t always the answer to this kind of problem. A network assessment will identify and rectify such bottlenecks.

We offer two types of audits to best serve our customers’ needs.

Network Detective and Deep Network Analysis

At Net3 IT, our goal is to provide solutions that meet all the needs of our customers. As such, we understand that some organizations want an in-depth assessment and others may be more interested in a lighter overview. That’s why we offer you two options—our Network Detective service and our in-depth network analysis. 

  • Network Detective: This is a tool we use to quickly sniff out network issues and provide a brief executive report to let you know what’s going on.
  • In-Depth Analysis: Here we take a much more detailed approach—great for using on specific deliverables. This can include contract reviews, agreement reviews for existing tech vendors, preparation of budget, network diagrams, and more.
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Keep your network, devices, and sensitive information secure.

IT Network Security Assessment Services

There’s no better way to ensure your network is secure than to have a cyber security risk assessment. This type of audit is specifically designed to identify vulnerabilities that could be used to harm your business operations. A security assessment can also answer important questions like:

  • What would be the impact of a cyber attack?
  • What are common entry points for a breach?
  • What systems are most likely to be targeted?


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