In February, employees from Net3 IT lent a hand at the Nature’s Cove Community Center during a Service Day event, which was organized by Cedar Brook Outreach. The day’s activities were broken up into a morning and an afternoon session. The Net3 IT team kicked off the day at our own office before heading over to Nature’s Cove to tackle a variety of tasks aimed at revamping and tidying up the place.

During the morning session, the main focus was on giving the walls a fresh coat of neutral grey paint, significantly brightening up the community center’s look. The team also handled some specialized jobs like fixing a kitchen countertop, boosting the functionality of the center. After a busy morning, everyone came back together at the Net3 office for a well-deserved lunch break, where they enjoyed some pizza.

The afternoon was spent finishing up the painting and cleaning tasks from the morning, along with setting up a new whiteboard, corkboard, sound panels, and a TV. The final steps involved sweeping and mopping the floors to ensure the transformation of the community center was complete.

By the end of the day, Nature’s Cove was revitalized. Our collaboration is a testament to our passion for contributing positively to the community.


Net3 IT rounded off the year with a Christmas party that was both grand and heartwarming. Held at a beautiful local venue, we welcomed our employees and their families to an evening of holiday cheer.

Employees were recognized for their hard work with well-deserved awards and accolades, reinforcing our viewpoint that individual achievements are the cornerstones of our collective success. Net3 IT’s Christmas party was more than a celebration. It was a reflection of our top values: community, generosity, and the power of shared moments.


Net3 IT understands that a company thrives when its team is cohesive. To celebrate and bolster this bond, we held our annual company-wide Lake Day picnic on October 7th, 2023.

Our families and team members came together for a lovely gathering by the lake. A meal was shared, followed by cornhole and other games that brought out some friendly competition! At dark, our families enjoyed s’mores around the fire pit. Events like this bring strength and energy to our team.


On President’s Day 2023, Net3 IT showed the meaning of leadership and teamwork through a day devoted to serving the Knoxville Area Rescue Ministry (KARM). We upheld our commitment to clients without missing a beat while volunteering hands-on in our community.

Half of the Net3 team stayed behind to maintain our unwavering client support, while the other half rolled up their sleeves at our local KARM store. After lunch, a smooth switcheroo gave the entire staff a chance to contribute to Knoxville. Our team sorted donations, tidied up spaces, organized merchandise, and fed 52 hot meals to the local homeless community. Net3 IT is thankful for the opportunity to partner with this great organization.