As technology continues to evolve and mobile phones become more prevalent, the benefits of business SMS for every industry become more and more obvious.

The number of people who own and use mobile phones just continues to rise every day all around the world. And people are more and more often expecting companies to communicate with them via text/SMS the way they communicate with each other. It makes sense to use text messages to reach out to your customers because that’s what they already use!

More importantly, business SMS services are perfect for small and mid-sized businesses. Why? Because they offer the efficiency, speed, and features that will keep your business up-to-date and flourishing in the modern environment.

Business SMS Features

With a business text/SMS service, your business can communicate valuable marketing information to your customers quickly and efficiently. You’ll be able to send mobile coupons, take orders, make sales — all from the touch of a few buttons!

Additionally, with a service like Net3 IT’s, you don’t have to install any extra apps because the service works just like regular text messaging. Also, you’ll be able to keep track of information better by having it all in one place and maintain your anonymity by using your business line and not handing out your personal cellphone number!

Some of the most valuable features of business SMS include the ability to:

  • Send and receive messages to and from extensions or 10-digit local or long-distance numbers
  • Message colleagues, clients, and departments with a business identity — even from personal devices
  • Reply to an incoming message from a mobile app, desktop app, or by email
  • Text seamlessly across devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers
  • Collaborate more effectively by communicating in a single text thread
  • Send and receive images, videos, and files

The Benefits of Business SMS

In addition to the features listed above, using text messaging to communicate with your customers allows you to send notifications about new events or sales, appointment reminders, confirmations, account changes — basically, anything you can do through your desktop systems!

Furthermore, using text/SMS services streamlines your internal communication because you’ll be able to quickly notify your team about important company information, safety issues, closings, etc. with minimal effort on your part.

When you switch to business SMS, here are a few of the benefits you can expect:

  • Communicate with clients, coworkers, and internal departments
  • Use your main business number to send SMS and reinforce your brand
  • Text and reply across smartphones, tablets, computers, and mobile apps
  • Use AI to respond automatically to common questions
  • Send messages to multiple numbers at once
  • Customer messages and communications are no longer stuck on personal devices

No matter what industry you are in, the benefits of business SMS services are clear. They allow you to streamline communications with clients team members, send out important messages quickly and efficiently, use your business line and maintain your personal anonymity, and secure client messages all in one place. Want to know how business SMS services from Net3 IT can help your company? Request a consultation with our experts today!



Why Use Text/SMS Services for Business

According to Market Strategies International, business texting is a great answer for customer support. Today’s consumers seek a simple, quick solution for support – and text messaging/SMS services can provide that.

According to the study, 66% of consumers prefer mobile messaging or consider it their second choice for communication. They’d rather not use the phone or email.

70% of consumers are interested in using mobile messaging to solve issues. And more than 60% want to use mobile messaging to purchase items and make reservations.

And these statistics don’t only apply to younger customers. While it’s true that 85% of Millennials would be willing to pay more for a product or service that offers mobile messaging support, 54% of non-Millennials feel the same.

The amount of people who own and use mobile phones has risen to 3.7 billion unique users across the world. Reaching out to customers on their phones is reaching them where they are!

Plus, with a business text/SMS number, your customers don’t need to install an extra app – it works just like regular text messaging on their end!

How To Use Text/SMS Services for Business

Whether you’re a hotel looking to simplify bookings, a restaurant wanting to let people reserve a table quickly, a retail company wanting to manage orders and shipping notifications, or a business of any kind who wants to manage internal communication, text/SMS services for business can be perfect for your business!

Regardless of your industry, there are a wide variety of possible applications for text messaging/SMS services within your business.

First, mobile messaging is an extremely valuable marketing resource. Your business can send mobile coupons, take orders, and even make sales via text. Like all marketing efforts involving personal information (like email or physical addresses), make sure you have consent before sending out any business-related texts.

Next, notifications to your customers are a great use of mobile messaging services. Appointment reminders, booking confirmations, changes to their account, and more are great examples of notifications that can be sent through text or SMS. Nearly any business that sends notifications to their customers can benefit from this service.

Plus, using business text/SMS can be a great solution to internal communications. Sending important company communications, closings, safety issues, or anything else your company may need to know through mobile messaging can be extremely convenient for both you and your employees.

Want to know if text/SMS services are right for your company? Request a consultation with our experts today!