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The first step toward optimizing your company’s IT infrastructure is understanding its capabilities. This can be done with an IT assessment.

Types of Assessments We Perform

For reliable technology solutions and consultation services, look no further than Net3 IT. We leverage our experience to help you optimize your business. Before your operations can be optimized, however, it’s necessary to know where your existing IT environment stands. To accomplish this, we offer a free assessment that analyzes your infrastructure.

Our free assessment not only gives us the information we need to know, but it also helps you gain a better understanding of your infrastructure’s current capabilities. With this information, our consultants can determine your network’s strengths and where improvements can be made. From there, we provide recommendations that you can either take to your preferred managed service provider or hire us to implement.

Net3 IT offers two different types of free assessments. One is a quick assessment we call Network Detective. The second type is a more in-depth analysis.

  • Network Detective: This is a tool we use to quickly sniff out network issues and provide a brief executive report to let you know what’s going on.
  • In-Depth Analysis: Here we take a much more detailed approach—great for using on specific deliverables. This can include contract reviews, agreement reviews for existing tech vendors, preparation of budget, network diagrams, and more.

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