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Our frequently asked questions offer helpful information about our services.

Managed IT Services

The cost of our managed IT services depends on the plan your business requires. Fully managed plans cost more than co-managed plans but provide more solutions for your organization. Contact Net3 IT for a cost estimate of our services.

Managed IT services allow you to offload vital IT tasks to our experts, enabling you to focus on higher-value responsibilities throughout your organization.

Yes. Net3 IT understands that growth is the goal for your business and offers managed IT services that handle your network needs today and in the future.

Net3 IT takes pride in being your one-stop shop for all your IT needs and offers network management, remote workstation management, compliance, and managed security solutions as part of our managed IT plans.

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Cloud Solutions

Top benefits include scalability, flexibility, cost savings, faster deployment, collaboration efficiency, streamlined productivity, enhanced security and disaster recovery, and sustainability.

The Net3 IT team understands that your business has unique cloud requirements. We carefully assess your existing infrastructure before tailoring a migration strategy that best suits your needs.

Yes. Net3 IT leverages the latest cybersecurity to safeguard your virtual environment from unauthorized access.

VoIP Solutions

The overall call quality of VoIP is usually better or equal to traditional phones. However, this is reliant on the strength of your company’s internet connection.

VoIP offers various benefits for your business, including reduced costs, improved accessibility, and increased scalability.

VoIP phones plug into your router or connect wirelessly over WiFi. VoIP adapters can also allow you to use analog phones. Headsets connect for comfort. Reliable high-speed broadband internet access is required.

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Consulting Services

IT consulting benefits your business by identifying areas in your infrastructure that need improvement and offering solutions that enhance performance.

IT consulting offers your business various benefits, including improved vendor management, enhanced compliance, and increased visibility.

The Net3 IT team has over 40 years of combined IT experience, allowing us to offer the highest level of services to our clients.

IT Assessment

IT assessments help organizations benchmark the current state of their technology against industry best practices and business objectives. Assessments can reveal gaps that pose risks or vulnerabilities and areas to target investment for maximum impact.

Your company’s technology needs are evolving, and having an assessment done every two years helps ensure you have the right tools to grow your operations.

Thorough IT assessments often take several days to several days, depending on the size and complexity of the environment.

Net3 offers reliable solutions.

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