Gain improved efficiency, organizational agility, and resource management through virtualization.

Through virtualization, servers can reach their full potential and businesses can avoid infrastructure sprawl.

What Is Virtualization?

Businesses are challenged by the limitations of not only data centers, but also the servers that reside within them. Physical servers are designed to run only one operating system and one application at a time. This means that multiple servers are needed to host varying operations, which can be troublesome considering data centers only have so much space available. However, physical servers only operate at a small percentage of their full capacity.

Virtualization is the conversion of a single physical server into multiple virtual servers. This is possible through the use of software that divides the physical server into independent machines. A virtual server runs the same copy of the operating system (OS) as the physical server but is able to run independently from the rest of the stack.

This solution has been revolutionary for business because this software allows administrators to multiply their available computing environments. At the same time, having virtual infrastructure creates an opportunity to save money by lowering power consumption, adding physical space to your office, and improving resource utilization. Let Net3 IT help you take advantage of the benefits from virtualization.

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Centralize administrative tasks, reduce hardware costs, and improve scalability with virtualization.

Virtualization Implementation Plan

By digitizing your servers, your business will experience improved levels of redundancy. This means you can use fewer resources to accomplish the same tasks. If you’re interested in maximizing the potential of your servers, Net3 IT can help. As your IT partner, we can help you develop a virtualization implementation plan and help you execute it through completion. We can perform on-site services, but we are also able to offer virtualization through cloud computing solutions.

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Save Money on Your Infrastructure

Our experts can optimize your server, allowing you to avoid paying for extra hardware and maintenance.

The Benefits of Virtualization

Virtualizing your environment with the help of Net3 can increase scalability while simultaneously reducing expenses. As a result, the practice has grown in popularity in the business world. By switching to a digital environment, companies have been able to control workloads in data centers while reducing energy consumption and IT infrastructure.

Here are a few other reasons why you need this solution:

  • Multiple Testing Environments

    With virtualization, you are able to reproduce different computing environments without having to buy more hardware, making development cheaper and easier.

  • Enhanced Productivity

    With fewer servers, your IT department can spend less time maintaining the physical hardware. The time that would have been spent on maintenance can now be used to focus on other more important projects.

  • Improved Resiliency

    All of the virtual servers operate independently of each other, so if something happens to one of the servers, the rest of the servers won’t be interrupted.


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