In a deeply connected and fast-paced technological landscape, IT matters. Your team can’t work productively without technological solutions and infrastructure in place to meet their needs. Taking care of your own IT internally can feel like an impossible task, but it doesn’t have to when you’ve got help from a managed IT services agency.

But, what are managed IT services? To put it simply, it is when a company outsources their IT needs to a responsive, knowledgable professional team. Let’s dive into the details of what this all means.

Your In-House IT

With limited budgets, resources, time, and trained personnel available, many businesses (particularly SMBs) have to do what they can. But what happens when what you can do for your company’s IT just isn’t enough? What parts of your business suffer? The answer usually is all of them.

The inability to sufficiently address and adapt to your IT needs is a massive obstacle to your business’ success. If your in-house administrator is drowning under expanding IT needs, they can’t keep up with other responsibilities. That means the projects you have currently don’t receive the support they need. And that throws your ability to handle future projects onto shaky ground.

What Are Managed IT Services?

For companies that can’t or don’t want to manage IT on their own, there is a convenient and powerful option. Managed IT services provide the administration and implementation of the solutions you need. Some of the benefits of managed IT include:

  • Cloud computing and migration
  • Data backup
  • Mobile device setup and integration
  • VOIP
  • Remote monitoring and maintenance
  • Network administration and security
  • Infrastructure design and architecture
  • Disaster recovery
  • Strategic IT planning
  • Even help desk

Additionally, your business doesn’t even need to fully outsource to be effective. Managed IT services can help you create a hybrid IT plan.  Hybrid plans give you both the comfort and familiarity of your own onsite IT staff. But they also offer the enhanced capability and knowledge of a specialized and experienced IT firm.

Is it Right for Your Business?

Consider your business IT needs now and in the future. How will you provide the support your team needs? Will trying to do it all internally create problems or stretch everyone too thin? Managed IT services can give you peace of mind, security, and scalability to help you succeed in a rapidly changing and competitive market. Additionally, paying a set fee each month for managed IT services can provide improved budget stability for expansion or infrastructure.

If we’ve answered your question, “what are managed IT services” and you’d like to learn more, Net3 IT can help. Contact us for a consultation and discuss your IT needs with an experienced industry professional.