Why You Should Be Using Managed IT Services from a Trusted Knoxville IT Company

Are you not already using managed IT services? You should be!

Maintaining IT systems and solutions is an incredibly difficult job, even in a small business setting. But if you have only one person managing your company’s IT then it’s not just inconvenient — it’s a liability!

According to a recent Data Breach Investigations Report conducted by Verizon, approximately 50 percent of all IT security incidents are caused by people within your organization — and the vast majority of those are simply inattention or neglect due to overwork.

This is why using managed IT services from your local Knoxville IT company is the most important decision your small-to-medium business can make. An expert provider can offer support to your small or one-person team in the event of breaches or outages that they simply wouldn’t be able to handle on their own. And of course, if your one IT person should become ill or injured or otherwise unable to continue managing your systems, then where would you be? Again, with a managed services provider, you have an additional level of support and security to give your business an edge, not to mention a solid foundation for growth.

Here’s why you should be using managed IT services from a trusted Knoxville IT company for your small or medium business.

Disaster Recovery

When a breach occurs — and breaches, whether intentional or accidental, will occur — your response will define the future success of your company. Once your data and information have been compromised or when your network and infrastructure are down, you are unable to continue doing your job until they are repaired — and any downtime is detrimental to a company.

If you have only one person or a small team managing all of your IT systems, they will be unable to resolve the breach and recover your systems and data as quickly or effectively as a full team of experienced professionals would be. After all, simply fixing the breach isn’t enough, you also have to recover.

That’s where utilizing the expertise of a managed IT services provider comes in. Your trusted IT company will not only be able to solve your breach but will also have the tools and knowledge to ensure that your systems are recovered efficiently.

Increased Data Security

You know that your data is vulnerable — after all, anything from a natural disaster, like a fire or flood, to lax employee security, like shared login credentials or email forwarding, can lead to breaches and outages.

Not only that, but cyberattacks are also on the rise. Are your firewalls up to date? What security system do you have in place? Do you consistently review your equipment and processes for updates and effectiveness?

As technology evolves, the processes and procedures that go into maintaining your company’s IT solutions become more complicated. It can be incredibly difficult to keep up with all the changes, updates, and best practices — especially with everything else on your plate.

But by using a managed IT services provider, the crushing weight of all this responsibility is taken off of your shoulders, or that of your overworked one-person team, and placed in the hands of an experienced IT professional, minimizing the risks and keeping your systems and processes up to date and productive.

Better Tools To Handle Problems

With each passing year, the significance and influence of IT services on business only continues to expand. Since most small or medium businesses can’t afford to maintain a large in-house IT team to support the growing need, outsourcing them to a managed services provider levels the playing field by providing the same technology, expertise, and planning processes that large corporations utilize.

If a system goes down or an outage occurs, with a managed IT services team your company will have access to immediate solutions and assistance to solve the problem and get you back on track with minimal downtime — an absolute must for any business.

If you want your company to perform at its best, then you must focus on utilizing the best IT solutions and systems available to you — and that means upgrading from your one-person or small, overworked in-house team. Here’s why you need to be using managed IT services from a trusted Knoxville IT company:

  1. For Disaster Recovery Plans
  2. To Increase Your Data Security
  3. For Better Tools to Handle Breaches and Problems

Give your small-to-midsized business the safety and security it deserves by outsourcing your IT services to a trusted, experienced IT provider and build a strong foundation for your business’s growth.