Case Study: Expanding Communication Through Superior IT Service and Support for Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart, which consists of the Diocese of Knoxville, The Cathedral of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, and Sacred Heart Cathedral School & Preschool, has been a devoted client of Net3 IT for three years for IT service and support. During that time, the partnership between Net3 IT and Sacred Heart has allowed for expanded communication and growth beyond expectation.

Tremendous Growth Left Gaps in Communication

The Diocese of Knoxville operates out of the Cathedral of the Most Sacred Heart and serves to govern, represent, and lead a number of operations across East Tennessee, including 51 parishes, 10 catholic schools, and St. Mary’s Legacy Foundation.

With so many facilities and operations to manage and maintain, not to mention a school and preschool right on the main Sacred Heart Cathedral campus, it’s easy to see why communication is pivotal to their success. From email to IT servers to phone systems, this group needs 24/7 communication in order to meet their goals.

But with a growing parish and plans for expansion, those goals were becoming harder and harder to meet with their existing IT service and support.

A Solution With Managed IT Service and Support

In search of a solution for their communication needs, Sacred Heart was recommended to Net3 IT.

Previously the group had worked with another local Knoxville IT company, but after experiencing outstanding growth, leadership realized they needed a designated role for technology and communications. They needed more support than they had, someone to truly take over the role and help them grow through experience and knowledge.

With managed IT services through Net3 IT, the diocese, cathedral, and schools found exactly what they were looking for — knowledge, experience, and responsiveness.

No longer would someone have to fit in time for IT on top of their parish role. No longer would they have to struggle with troubleshooting difficult technology. Now, when anything goes wrong, the group simply contacts their designated onsite Net3 IT support liaison who arrives within minutes and solves the problem expertly.

“It has been such a sense of relief to partner with Net3 IT. As our managed services provider, we have cloud services, managed ISPs, VoIP phone services, all communications such as internet, email, phones — everything! They supply us with a dedicated employee to remain on our campus all day Monday through Friday to troubleshoot, help provide resources, answer questions, or set IT budgets. It’s truly been a gift to have such a weight taken off our shoulders,” says Mary Mac Wilson, Director of Parish Operations for the Cathedral of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Evolving Partnership and Outstanding Results

The results of this partnership have been clear from the beginning — smooth, seamless communication has led to outstanding growth beyond prediction. All the goals set forth from the diocese and parish were made possible through Net3 IT.

The partnership has since grown and evolved in ways neither party could have predicted, and has led to even more opportunity for growth! When the group built a new cathedral to support their growth, the Net3 IT team was intricately involved in its creation to ensure technology for live-streaming weddings, funerals, and services was in place from the very beginning.

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, Net3 IT worked patiently with each essential member of the parish to ensure they transferred necessary resources and documents securely to laptops they could take home to remain safe and healthy. Additionally, the team has been a pivotal resource to ensure that all teachers have remained up-to-date with technology allowing them to transfer their classes online.

“When technology doesn’t work, we don’t work. Net3 IT has enabled us to keep pace to meet people where they are — whether it’s in their own homes, in-person, or just through the computer. Collaborating with Net3 IT means partnering with a provider that takes everything off of your plate and lets you do what you do best,” says Wilson.

If you need help with your IT service and support like Sacred Heart, partner with us! Net3 IT offers superior IT support, such as VoIP, cloud, and managed IT services, as well as strategic IT planning and implementation. Contact us today for your personalized IT assessment and support solutions!

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