Small and medium businesses often fight a number of daily obstacles that large corporations don’t have to contend with — but one way to get on the level of the big players around you is by utilizing the services of a Knoxville managed services provider (MSP).

How, you ask? No matter what challenges you’re facing, a knowledgeable, responsive IT company can help you by taking care of the day-to-day details, time-consuming IT functions, network monitoring and security, and strategic planning and disaster recovery while you focus on what matters.

Benefits of Using a Knoxville Managed Services Provider

Even if you and your in-house team have a decent grasp of your company’s IT needs, you won’t always have the time or staff to implement every task yourself. Whether it’s a lack of software, technology, specific expertise, or available work hours, there will always be something keeping you from reaching your company’s true IT potential without a dedicated, fulltime in-house team. But with a managed services provider as your partner, you’ll have access to the full power of a team of experts at your beck and call.

Additionally, you could save your company money by moving from a break/fix model to a Knoxville managed services provider because you’ll receive powerful support and a customized IT strategy designed specifically to garner a higher return on investment. Having your needs met easily, conveniently, and quickly will be well worth any initial cost. As a bonus, your employees will have their time freed up to spend on important tasks instead of IT.

An MSP Can Help With Security

Cyberattacks and infrastructure breaches are on the rise. And according to the latest Verizon study, small businesses are the target of 43% of those attacks. These are scary numbers, especially considering that about 85% of all businesses in East Tennessee are small businesses.

So, it’s no surprise that companies are increasingly searching for solutions to security problems. Luckily, your solution is available in the form of a Knoxville managed services provider.

By outsourcing strategic elements of your IT needs to a trusted IT company like Net3 IT, you’ll have experts available with the latest industry news and technology to handle any IT distress that comes your way.

Improved IT security is one of the main reasons organizations are turning to MSPs because they are able to strategically plan for and implement the latest security updates and protocols. In addition, your managed services provider will be able to assist with disaster preparedness in the event a breach does occur and help create a plan for recovery to keep you from experiencing downtime.

Strategic IT planning for breaches and recovery will provide a streamlined efficiency in the event of a disaster. Because data breaches do happen, and you need a plan in place for when they do.

With an MSP, you will have that plan ready to go — and you’ll know that it’s a thorough process created by experts. You’ll also be able to work together with your IT experts to better identify risks, gaps in processes, and potential losses. A managed services provider will not only see the risks but also areas for improvement in your IT structure and processes in the event of a breach.

Partner With Net3 IT

Disasters can — and will — strike your small business at any time. Your breach could be one of the malicious cyber-attacks mentioned above. But it could also be an error from a rushed employee. Don’t you want to have adequate resources and technology to handle an interruption when it happens? A managed services provider will offer not only that but also a strategic plan for recovery, a review of all your company’s processes, and employee training. The best way to keep your company safe during the inevitable outages is to partner with an experienced, knowledgeable IT firm.

We will help you create a strong IT infrastructure for your company to continue to grow on. With us by your side, you’ll be more equipped to adapt to the ever-evolving technological requirements for business growth. You and your team are already stretched too thin. Don’t add the pressures of planning for and implementing IT security to your plate. Trust us as your Knoxville managed services provider and we will help reduce the burden and set your company up for success — no matter what interruptions life throws your way. Contact us today for your personalized risk assessment.