We’re back with another blog about our Knoxville IT team members. Today, we’re meeting Neal Arwood!

Neal is a Principal and Director of Operations Net3 IT; however, it has been said that he is considered the grandpa of Net3 IT because of how warm he keeps his office. With the heat set on 78 degrees, Neal is often found advising clients on how to best use technology to gain the most benefits for their business. He even goes so far as to say, “I feel like I’ve served our clients well when they think of me as an extension of their own staff.”

Let’s get to know Neal a little bit better!

Q. What’s something about you that might surprise people?
A. I love to garden! I’m a flower nut. I just really enjoy watching things grow and I love the whole process of trimming and pulling weeds.

Q. What’s something you know more about than most people?
A. Applying biblical knowledge to daily life.

Q. What is one of your favorite places that you’ve traveled to? Why?
A. Tibet. It was a world that I couldn’t even imagine. The people were both different and not different. I just didn’t expect that. I expected their culture to be so different from mine that I wouldn’t be able to relate to them. A kind word, even when you couldn’t say it in their language, went a long way with them. I’ve also never been anywhere where the sky was so blue. While there, I learned that very few things are really necessities of life.

Q. What is your favorite movie? Favorite book? Favorite artist/band?
A. My favorite movie is Braveheart, the story of William Wallace. Audiobooks have been a big deal for me because I love to learn, but not really read. The most impactful book I have ever read is CJ Mahaney’s Humility: True Greatness. For music, I just really enjoy any live music that isn’t too loud.

Q. If you could have dinner with one person (living or dead), who would it be?
A. Teddy Roosevelt. He is the guy. He was an expert in so many things. He was a horticulture guy, a military guy, a guy not afraid to take on the establishment, and there are so many things to respect about him. He is one of my heroes.

Q. What’s something you’re passionate about?
A. Being a father and grandfather. My family. I love making a difference in the lives of my kids and grandkids.

Q. What’s something you would tell yourself 10 years ago?
A. Learn to embrace change because there’s going to be a lot of it.

Q. If you could master one skill you don’t have right now, what would it be?
A. Playing the piano.

Q. What are your personal hobbies?
A. Tennis. Gardening. Grandkids.

Q. Who inspires you?
A. My mother, David from my church, and a woman named Penny all inspire me. All three of these people provided what I believe is the greatest example of love that you could see in the life of a married couple. Each of them cared for a terminally ill spouse over an extended period of time. I saw dedication, kindness, patience, and tireless commitment in all of their lives. They are an example, as near to perfect as you can get of an example, of what love looks like.

Q. If you could have any superpower, which would you choose?
A. Flying. I have always dreamed of flying.

Q. What are two things on your bucket list?
A. I would love to go to Rome and visit all of the museums. I also want to take a trip to Israel and the surrounding areas, to the walk where Jesus and Paul lived and ministered. I think you can be a much better teacher when you’ve been to the places you are talking about.

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