Using VoIP is easy with Net3 IT

The technology you use can change the way you do business. Now there are better, more advanced solutions to older systems — ones that offer more convenience, functionality, and efficiency. For example, you’ve probably heard about VOIP before, and know that it’s an alternative to traditional telephone service. Though today it’s a very common solution for businesses of all sizes, you may still not understand why. How does VOIP work? Is it right for your company? Keep reading to learn more.

What is VOIP?

“VOIP” is a fun word to say and once you learn about how it’s better for your business, you’ll enjoy saying it even more. An acronym for Voice Over IP, VOIP is essentially a service that allows you to make calls over the internet. Since it works digitally, separate from any telephone lines, you only need an ISP and high-speed connection.

How Does VOIP Work?

VOIP works by converting phone calls into data packets – similar to other types of data, like email or chat messages – and transmitting that data over the internet. You can make calls directly from your computer, a VOIP phone, or a regular phone that’s been fitted with a specialized adapter. A managed IT services provider can help to set up the equipment you’ll need, and make sure you have the resources and training to start using VOIP.

VOIP Benefits for Business

VOIP services can be a practical, high quality, cost-saving solution for organizations at any size. A trusted and reliable MSP, like Net3 IT, can make VOIP set up for your office quick and pain-free, so your team can begin enjoying the benefits right away.

Whether you have plans for your business to grow in the future or your company has undergone an unexpected round of layoffs or employee turnover, VOIP is adaptable for any team size.

Unlike a landline, you can use VOIP anywhere. Mobile app integration means that your team can take calls on their own (or company-provided) smartphones, giving them the freedom to work more effectively at home, during a trip, or at a client site.

If you’re worried about dropped calls or poor quality, don’t be. The issues that plagued VOIP in its early days have been vastly improved since. With high-speed internet, you’ll usually have over 99% connection uptime.

VOIP can be a considerably cheaper option than a large-scale telephone network, especially for small-to-midsize businesses. You aren’t paying for landlines or the usual expenses, so your monthly bill is lower and more predictable. Even long-distance and international calls are easier, especially if calling from a US-based extension. This allows coworkers in different offices across the globe to collaborate as easily as if they were in the same room.

Make work easier for your team so that you can focus on being more productive. Learn more about VOIP services in Knoxville and other managed IT solutions. Contact Net3 IT for a consultation today.