Why Use Text/SMS Services for Business

According to Market Strategies International, business texting is a great answer for customer support. Today’s consumers seek a simple, quick solution for support – and text messaging/SMS services can provide that.

According to the study, 66% of consumers prefer mobile messaging or consider it their second choice for communication. They’d rather not use the phone or email.

70% of consumers are interested in using mobile messaging to solve issues. And more than 60% want to use mobile messaging to purchase items and make reservations.

And these statistics don’t only apply to younger customers. While it’s true that 85% of Millennials would be willing to pay more for a product or service that offers mobile messaging support, 54% of non-Millennials feel the same.

The amount of people who own and use mobile phones has risen to 3.7 billion unique users across the world. Reaching out to customers on their phones is reaching them where they are!

Plus, with a business text/SMS number, your customers don’t need to install an extra app – it works just like regular text messaging on their end!

How To Use Text/SMS Services for Business

Whether you’re a hotel looking to simplify bookings, a restaurant wanting to let people reserve a table quickly, a retail company wanting to manage orders and shipping notifications, or a business of any kind who wants to manage internal communication, text/SMS services for business can be perfect for your business!

Regardless of your industry, there are a wide variety of possible applications for text messaging/SMS services within your business.

First, mobile messaging is an extremely valuable marketing resource. Your business can send mobile coupons, take orders, and even make sales via text. Like all marketing efforts involving personal information (like email or physical addresses), make sure you have consent before sending out any business-related texts.

Next, notifications to your customers are a great use of mobile messaging services. Appointment reminders, booking confirmations, changes to their account, and more are great examples of notifications that can be sent through text or SMS. Nearly any business that sends notifications to their customers can benefit from this service.

Plus, using business text/SMS can be a great solution to internal communications. Sending important company communications, closings, safety issues, or anything else your company may need to know through mobile messaging can be extremely convenient for both you and your employees.

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